Futsal Classes

South Croydon & Sanderstead

Futsal Classes Wednesdays
Riddlesdown Collegiate, CR8 1EX
⚽Skills Club
Ages 4 -16
17:00 -18:00
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Futsal Classes

Skills Club

Futsal Classes For 4 - 16 Year Olds

The Skills club are unique Futsal classes in Croydon aimed towards 4 - 16 Year old's. This hour long class covers a range of futsal skills from basic moves like step-overs to the harder moves such as Flip Flaps and Rainbow flicks..

Futsal Classes

Along with a range of different skills to learn children also learn about juggling a ball and balancing it on their backs.

Ball Skills

Children have the chance to use their skills against each other in a 2v2 scenario which is crucial for development.

All of the skills taught in the class have come from the Brazilian street football philosophy and although children may not use the skills all the time in a match situation they are crucial for mastering ball control.

Player such as Ronaldinho , Neymar and Ronaldo have all been developed using the artistry of Futsal and help them to move with the ball unlike conventional players.

Ball Manipulation is key

The future of football is Futsal. In order to have complete ball mastery every player should play futsal during their developing years. We offer classes in Croydon & Surrey for children of all ages delivered by coaches who are professionally qualified in teaching futsal and have plenty of skills up their sleeves!

We follow the English Futsal rules and laws of the games all of our coaches have completed a futsal course along with playing futsal for many years! The balls we use in our classes are futsals and are designed to stay on the floor maximising ball control and the opportunity to attempt skills.

We also play alot of Futsal at our holiday camps!

Futsal Classes Near Me

Omari Hutchinson spent 3 years at the BB Soccer Futsal Skills Club and has now gone onto play for Arsenal First Team and England U18's.