Saturday School

Purley/South Croydon & Coulsdon

Mini 10.30am - 11.30am (age 3.5 - 5)
Mighty 11.30am - 12.30pm (age 5 - 7)
Mega 11.30am - 12.30pm (age 7 - 12)

Class Location
Saturdays (Term Time)

 Riddlesdown Collegiate , Purley CR8 1EX - Grass Pitches
* Check our live class listings for current location*


Saturday Soccer School

Football Classes Croydon takes place at Riddlesdown Collegiate. Our Soccer Saturday School Croydon take place on the astro turf during the winter months and then we play on the grass pitches at the school during the summer months. All of our coaches are professionally qualified and deliver the highest quality football training sessions for your child.

Saturday Football

 Every week your child will receive a 1 hour specialised skill-based training session using a Futsal Ball (weighted size 2 football used in Brazil) in which we maximise each child’s contact with the ball. They will be taught how to control a pass. How to dribble the ball. How to turn with the ball. How to pass the ball. How to shoot and most importantly how to play in a team and respect team mates and the opposition.

Ball Mastery is Key For Young Players


It is our belief that each child should train at least 20 minutes a session with a ball at their feet to help with coordination, technique and turning whilst dribbling. Each group is taught age appropriate ball skills and techniques allowing them to progress to our League Football Club which play Saturdays mornings from U7 - U16 in the local league 

A typical training session starts with a 10 minute warm up game which doesn't involve a football. We then progress onto a dribbling game where each child has maximum ball contact and changes direction whilst under light pressure from a tackling player. After this children will play a 1v1 or 2v2 mini game to encourage them to take the lessons learned in the dribbling section into action on a mini pitch.